Where did you get that cover photo?

CLICK TO ENLARGE:  "Homestead" - Bozeman, MT

The search for the perfect cover image:
People have asked me where I got the stunning landscape image that was used for my newest CD, "Only Two Things." 

After scouring a bunch of stock photo and landscape photography sites, I came to what I consider to be one of the best landscape photographers of the American West, Craig Hergert of Montana Panoramic. 

Capturing the emotion:
The best images provoke.  They summon nostalgia, desires, cardinal longings for what once was or what could be.  The perfect image can be a whisper of another world, a rumor of other times and places:  A dispatch from Eden. 

This particular image, "Homestead," evoked such an immediate and strong response in me that was more than thoughtful:  It was visceral.  My gut knew I was looking at the photo that would capture in image what I wanted to say musically.

To see more of Craig's photo's, visit Montana Panoramic.

“That’s probably the best cd cover I’ve ever seen. Great choice. “
— member, New Hampshire Creative Club