Jim plays Billy Joel and Keith Jarrett "Living Legends" Piano's.


Jim plays more Steinway"Living Legends" pianos:

I had the fun privilege of going to M. Steinert & Son's Steinway showroom in Boston today, where I got to play two more of Steinway's "Living Legends" piano's.

This time, I played a Steinway "B" that Billy Joel has recorded/performed on; as well as a Steinway "D"  that the remarkable jazz pianist, Keith Jarrett, has recorded/performed on.  It was Keith Jarrett's, "Koln Concert" album that revealed the world of improvisational solo piano to me when I was still in high school. 

In addition to Keith Jarrett, other artists who have recorded or performed on that particular Steinway "D" include: 

  • David Benoit
  • Emmanuel Ax
  • Yefim Bronfman
  • Diana Krall
  • Lang Lang
  • McCoy Tyner

Jim also plays Steinway formerly used by the New York Philharmonic.

Right next to these two "Living Legends" Steinways was another Steinway "D" that formerly belonged to the New York Philharmonic.  No pictures for that piano:  My photographer was busy dancing. The room was a beautiful, spacious, high-ceiling space; so my "photographer" [daughter, Olivia] was blissfully busy practicing her ballet routine on the hardwood wood floor - 15 feet away as I was playing.  I caught her dancing out of the corner of my eye as I was playing, and just smiled as a proud Dad.   "Grace" is Olivia's middle name, and when she dances, I'm reminded that "beauty is goodness made manifest."  Maybe someday I'll compose, and she'll choreograph, a piece for her that she'll perform for a prestigious dance company.

Thanks to Liz Diamond, Paul Murphy, Phil Schoonmaker, and Jeremy Moccia at Boston's, M. Steinert & Sons for their hospitality.

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