Solo piano used for soul medicine, bedtime sedative, traffic calming.

Here's what listeners have said they have used my solo piano CD for:

  • A "blissful escape into a dreamworld."
  • As an "antidote to the frustrations of the D.C. beltway commute"
  • Setting the mood for prayer/reflection
  • A bedtime sedative
  • Listening music for painting the kitchen
  • Soulful healing

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Creating "thin places"

I'm grateful for the responses I get from listeners; but it's never simply about the performance or the applause for me.  Instead, it's about creating a holy space or what the ancient Celts called, "Thin Places" -- where the veil between heaven and earth was so porous, and the Other World so intimately present, that the person knew she was not alone.  It's a place of receiving.

Posted on January 7, 2015 .