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New CD:  "Only Two Things" 


The new CD, Only Two Things, has only been out for two weeks, and I'm thrilled with the response already. I'm grateful for all the great listener feedback on the new CD.

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WOW!!!! Your music is gorgeous!!!
— Listener from Massachusetts
Do you like solo piano? You want this! Don’t like solo piano? Get it anyway!!! INCREDIBLE!!!
— Listener from Colorado
“Only Two Things” is splendid! The tone and mood are soothing and relaxing, yet deep, reflective and melodious. Superb in every note!
— Listener from Indiana

That’s probably the best CD cover I’ve ever seen.
— Listener from New Hampshire Creative Club
LOVE your CD. No lie..made me cry. Every time I hear it I find it easy to pray and speak to God...At complete peace while listening to your music.
— Listener from Massachusetts
Beautiful, love your CD!!!
— Listener from Texas

The songs are remarkable. Nice work!
— Listener from Montana
Beautiful, Jim.
— Listener from Florida
As a strong lover of beautiful music, I am especially drawn to the style of art that pulls me in deeper to the depths of my own soul...If I could give it 5.5 stars I easily would. Simply amazing depth - Jim obviously has an old soul.
— Listener from Colorado

Posted on July 26, 2013 .